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Polypipe Spinner

The Landscaper

Australian Patent No. 2021104209

The Landscaper

The Landscaper Polypipe Spinner has an assembled diameter of 1.5m and is rated to carry 80kg in stationary operation.

 It is designed to accommodate metric polypipe coils up to 40mm/150m and various smaller coils such as dripper line etc. With its small internal diameter, it is also suitable for uncoiling Agi-pipe.

 This spinner has a rectangular base through which a single stabilising leg is positioned. A wear washer is placed between the base and the top section which has 3 arms with sliding keepers. The arms are secured to the hub with locking pins and this spinner may be used on flat ground or from the tray of a ute or trailer.

All of the components pack into the base for easy transport and storage and weighs approx 25kg.




The Landscaper Polypipe Spinner has an assembled diameter of 1.5m and is capable of carrying rolls up to 80kg. It is designed to accommodate all standard metric rolls up to and including 40mm x 150m and weighs approximately 25kg.

Please allow 5 working days for dispatch
Additional freight costs:
South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland $75.00
Northern Territory and Western Australia $100
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