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Unique Rural Products 

About Us


Alexander Rose - Company Director

Mission statement: To provide unique, labour saving products that meet all expectations at an affordable price.

The Adapt-a-Mill business is another chapter in the life of owner Alex Rose, who has combined his dislike of digging holes and concreting with a passion for producing quality products while maintaining a role into the future for the traditional Australian windmill.

Following a varied life of shearing sheep in Australia and overseas, serving beer and washing dishes in Austrian ski resorts, and working as a mustering pilot in remote W.A, Alex settled on a farm outside Crookwell, NSW, where he and his wife began to raise a family.

While his wife worked full-time, Alex worked part-time for Norma Group in Goulburn NSW where he was introduced to the world of pumps, while house-husbanding and running the small farm.

Solar pumps were increasing in popularity and when Norma Group closed their Goulburn branch in 2015, Alex began assembling and installing solar pump systems with a local specialist company.

As more and more holes were being dug to erect pole-mount arrays (and stockproof fencing) alongside perfectly good windmill towers, Alex was determined to come up with an easier way.

The Poly-pipe spinner and Bore-roller developed as an accessory to make life easier (and safer) when installing and maintaining submersible solar pumps.

As interest in these tools was often shown on site, it became apparent that there could be a commercial market for them. In late 2020 Alex embarked on the patenting process and added them to the Adapt-a-Mill product line. 

Following welcome feedback from customers, minor modifications and improvements were introduced to arrive at the models now available.

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