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Poly Pipe Spinners

The Jumbo

Australian Patent No. 2021104209


This Polypipe Spinner is designed primarily for those working with large (up to 110mm) or extra long rolls of pipe. There are two options of this model available, the 'Complete' option with a rectangular base and a 'Hub and keepers only' option which has a triangular base. Both bases are flat and may be used from the ground or mounted to a flatbed truck or trailer.

The Complete model is rated for coils up to 500kg(when used on the ground) and has an assembled diameter of 3.2m.  To reduce momentum, this model uses a 'Friction Seat' whereby a large wear washer is placed between the hub and base. For extra ground clearance this hub may be used 'upside down'.  All manufactured components are powder coated and the straight lengths are galvanised steel.

The 'Hub and Keepers Only' package provides a significant saving however does not include the arms and legs which are needed to complete the spinner. These are straight lengths of 50 x 50 x (3mm) SHS and may be easily obtained from any local steel supplier. A suggested cutting list is supplied with the invoice. Dampening springs provide resistance to inhibit unwanted momentum when uncoiling rolls. For extended life, a ball bearing (in a small configuration) or replaceable wear washers (in a large configuration) are placed between the base and hub during operation.


Jumbo complete 3.2m


Jumbo Hub and Keepers


The  Complete Jumbo Poly Pipe Spinner is designed to accommodate poly pipe rolls up to 500kg and has a diameter of 3.2m.

All of the components pack into the rectangular base and weighs approx 90kg.



This package requires approximately 12.0m of 50mm x 50mm x (3mm) SHS to complete the spinner.

A suggested cutting list is supplied on the invoice.


Arms and Legs not included

Please allow 5 working days for dispatch
Additional freight costs:
South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland $75.00
Northern Territory and Western Australia $100
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